2003 | 2 Go - playing away the border, Gorica Italy / Slovenia


With the intervention “2 GO”. the border will played away, will pulled down by a unique and collective town-game across the borderline: Borderline-fenceball. Therefore a neuralgic point in the city will be selected: the Piazzale della Transalpina, where the border has divided the city since 1947.

For the new game the Piazza Transalpina will be covered by ONE surface and the field of the game will be marked on it. One side is situated on the Slowenian side the other on Italian side. The iron fence will be appropriated as net. The aim of the new game is to play against each other and win a piece of fence.

1 Premiere - play away the first fence element
Taking out the first fence element is planned as a special event. On 1st of May 2004, the day of the EU-East Extention, the President of the EU, Romano Prodi will be invited to take part in a match “to play away the border”.

After the game the winner will be allowed to tear down one piece of the fence and take it home.

2 Further games - further “tear downs” each Sunday 15:00 in order to push architecture to its limits
Each sunday the inhabitants will be asked to come to the Piazza Transalpina and join the game. They will be asked to tear down the fence bit by bit. By that they will be encouraged to tear down not only the physical “iron curtain” but also the iron curtain in their heads and replace it by a “site under construction”.

Therefore: the inhabitants will decide the process of the tearing down. Nobody else than THEY will build (or unbuild) their boundaries with our help. THEY will decide how many and which fragments of the fence will stay.

3 When the Schengen Contract will be ratified, the cordon will fly away with balloons
There is no doubt that the day will come when Slovenia and the “old” EU together will ratify the Schengen Contract and the Schengen Border will disappear in “2 GO”.

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