2006 - 2009 | Suntech green/zero energy building, WUXI, Jiangsu Province / China


Januar 2009
Suntech also announced the opening of its new, state of the art solar headquarters in Wuxi, China. The 18,000 square meter officebuilding incorporates the world's largest on-grid photovoltaic facade system, with over 2,574 semi- transparent Light Thru(TM) solar panels and an annual power output of over 1 million kilowatt hours of electricity. The solar energy produced will save over 600 tons of carbon emissions every year.

Suntech eröffnete seinen neuen Unternehmenssitz in Wuxi. In das Bürogebäude mit einer Fläche von 18.000 Quadratmetern ist die größte netzgekoppelte Solarstromfassade der Welt integriert. Die Anlage mit mehr als 2.574 halbtransparenten Modulen vom Typ "Light Thru" liefert jährlich mehr als eine Million Kilowattstunden umweltfreundliche Energie und spart so mehr als 600 Tonnen CO2-Emissionen pro Jahr.

Quelle: Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd.
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Body + Head + Skin = Building

Referring to the concept, the hall of production forms the main body of the building. Both, the office building as well as the recreation centre, kind of grow out of the main part like a head.

1. Body:

The new production hall will be attached to the existing one in the south of the building. With its four floors the new hall form a compact structure.

2. Head:

The office building and the recreation centre will be built out of single-storey organic stratums, which grow out of the new production hall in the south. The plan of each stratum, each floor, depends on different requirements concerning structure and surface of the offices, different needs of light as well as on the recreation program.

3. Skin

The head with its floating rooms can not exist without any additional energy regulating mesures. Therefore it will be surrounded by an „oxygen mask“. This additional cover made of glass surrounds both the office building and the recreation centre and uses to full capacity the maximum volume of the building site.

Due to different floor plans on each storey, a vibrant, dynamic arrangement, an organic landscape, with partly even floating rooms emerges by piling the stratums one upon the other. Terraces which can be reached from the above storeys complete this very special experience.

Identity and emotive quality:

The new building composes a landscape which shows not only its emotional but also its architectural uniqueness.
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