2002 | Double Plaza, Sittingbourne / United Kingdom


In order to take advantage of the seemingly restrictive framing conditions we propose a public space, which is attractive and accessible to ALL and which is, in addition to the desired cultural programm, also an urban „connector“ between Highstreet in the north and the existing public buildings ( Town Hall and Leisure Centre/Swimming Pool) in the south

Therefore the design consists of two public squares , which are stacked on top of each other. You get
Sittingbourne Double-plaza

The lower ground leveled „Chalkrock Square“ is designed for pedestrians, who approach the building mainly from Highstreet, the upper one is for cars, who access the site from the southern Central Street and who then drive up the building. While „Chalkrock Square“ covers the whole site on the ground, „Drive Up Square“ forms a vertical diversion and leads, as a huge canterlivered roof, over parts of the site. Between them there is a „Filling“ with most of the desired programs. Sometimes the filling penetrate the roof or the earth.

    level 0
    Chalkrock Square

    1 Foyer
    2 Library
    3 Multipurpose
    4 Museum
    5 Offices
    6 Cafeteria/kitchen
    7 Museum shop
    8 Water curtain
    9 Rehersal space
    10 Eductation room
    11 Plug in to Town Hall

    level 2
    Drive up Square

    1 Short term parking
    2 Cultural drive-in activities
    3 Drive-in meeting & museums space
    4 Drive-in cafe
    5 Ramp
    6 Library
    7 Studio space

“Sittingbourne Fall”

a unique attractor for everyone

Water curtain along the edge of the roof :
According to the use intensity of the building a further layer appears around the building: a thin water curtain, which falls from the edge of the roof down to Chalkrock Square - groundlevel. The water curtain does appear not at all if nobody is using the building. It can appear partly, or may run down almost along the whole edge of the roof if there are plenty of visitors, either by car, internet, foot/bike/perambulator or wheelchair.
It is up to the visitors to activate „Sittingbourne“.